The End of the Semester is Near!

This semester has been a very busy but rewarding one, and it is almost over! i have finished all of my mainland marine debris surveys for Fall. Next is to process and record all of the data I collected and that will be my winter break project. Overall I feel as if I am off to a good start and I am excited to see what is next.

I would like to figure out a slightly different protocol for the winter surveys that does not take as much effort or time yet still adequately samples the amount of trash on the beach. It’s been difficult getting help with these surveys and also doing them with only two people with so many beaches to survey. Remembering the El Nino years that happened when I was a kid just reminds me of the amount of trash that had washed up. I have a hunch that this year is going to be intense in terms of marine debris after storm events, so a faster and more proficient sampling protocol would be helpful. I will figure something out, but first I will finish finals, papers, and go to the Marine Mammal Conference!


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